The Art of Movement Chiropractic & Performance


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Website | (404) 369-3478
503 Amsterdam Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, USA

Opening Hours:
Monday: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Area Served:
Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 503 Amsterdam Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, USA
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Google Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars (20 total ratings)

ashley cotsman
5 Star
Couldn't recommend more. Fitness is a huge part of my life - I take Orangetheory classes 4-5 times per week and run outside a lot - but was having pretty debilitating pain in my hips making running super painful. Regular ortho diagnosed with snapping hip syndrome and gave some generic exercises that I pretty much already do every day in workouts/just living. Came to Paul as a last resort and hip pain was *completely* eliminated in about 3-4 weeks (sticking to the tailored exercises he's given me). So so appreciative of his expertise and personalized approach!!
Thursday 16th May 2024
Jose Barbosa
5 Star
I went to Dr. Caron with hip and back pain. This has been an issue on and off throughout my life. Every time my pain would flare up I'd have to stop working out, I would not sleep well, etc. Dr Caron himself assessed a root cause for my issues, worked with me to improve the form on the problematic movements, creating a very personal plan for me to get better now and stay better in the future. His soft tissue work is really good (he clearly knows what he is doing) and the adjustments are helpful as well, but the personalized gym work and the knowledge on how to prevent an injury that has been affecting me for so many years is worth the price of admission alone. All of that while I kept working out as much as I wanted. Could not recommend more.
Tuesday 20th February 2024
Jeronimo Silva
5 Star
I highly recommend Dr. Caron. I am 33, and for the past 5 years I have struggled with lower/back glute pain. Despite consulting with 3 chiropractors, 2 PTs, 1 MD, and 1 surgeon, and undergoing 2 MRIs, nobody identified the cause or solved my pain. My previous experiences with other experts and doctors only ever amounted to maintenance programs, references to other doctors, and/or recommended injections of some sort. To be quite honest, I had just accepted I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. Then, I reached out to Dr. Caron in October of 2023. Dr. Caron took a whole hour to chat with me and listen to what I had to say. All of the other doctors spent 5 – 10 minutes with me at the most. After our first meeting, he prescribed a few initial exercises and did weekly virtual follow-ups with me. He was extremely attentive and tweaked the program based on my feedback and work schedule. I saw significant improvements in just 2 months!! In December I went to Atlanta to see Dr. Caron at his facility, and I couldn’t be more impressed. We did an in-person multi-day intensive program where Dr. Caron spent several hours conducting hands-on assessments paired with gym exercises. He also took the time to provide a detailed explanation of what he thought was causing my pain and gave me his prescribed treatment plan to remediate it. His knowledge of body mechanics and functional training is truly remarkable. By the second day, I was mostly pain free and able to squat/deadlift more than I have in the past 5 years!! 5 years! There are no words to describe how excited I am to continue to work with Dr. Caron in 2024. If you are in pain, do yourself a favor and contact him to start your recovery journey.
Tuesday 16th January 2024
Andrew Kinzer
5 Star
Art of Movement is truly the best investment I've ever made on myself. As someone who has spent years trying to find treatment to relieve chronic pain from college sports injuries, I've tried a number of options, from chiropractors to physical and massage therapists. Working with Dr. Caron is the first time I've experienced long term relief. He has such a talent of holistically integrating chiropractic, soft tissue work, and movement training to not just mask symptoms, but treat root symptoms. He spent time to understand where my issues were coming from, and developed a plan for sustained, individualized treatment. The biggest difference between AOM and other things I've tried in the past is the way he taught me ways to think about how I can help treat myself in the future. He gave me tools to not just relieve pain, but live and move in the healthiest way possible. I cannot recommend Dr. Caron enough.
Wednesday 15th November 2023
Dan Gower
5 Star
Dr. Carons knowledge of the human body is far beyond that of any doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist I’ve ever come across. He addresses the root cause of your injury through movement, soft tissue work, and adjustments that you won’t receive anywhere else. If you have a problematic injury that no one has been able to fix, you came to the right person. I’ve been to countless rehab facilities and none have been able to reverse my should impingement and rotator cuff tear. Surprisingly my issues were all attributable to my hips and rib cage, something no one has been unable explain or fix prior to seeing Dr. Caron. If you have any doubts about whether or not he can help you, this is your sign.
Monday 15th January 2024