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Dr. Cassius Camden Clay, DC


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Website | (404) 808-4280
270 Carpenter Dr NE UNIT 500, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA

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Within 4 miles (6.4km) of 270 Carpenter Dr NE UNIT 500, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA
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I am Dr. Cassius Camden Clay, I’ve been practicing as a chiropractor and healer in Atlanta for about 40 years, I have also been teaching workshops in the healthcare industry for over 30 years! I have rigorously documented my findings over the years, creating 11 books, 11 videos, and video blogs on my social media pages. All of this valuable health empowering information is available to you for free on my website!

Please enjoy my “Quick Self Fixes” app, available now for Apple and Android! The app allows you to efficiently create your own personalized “Quick Self Fixes” video routines!

Those who benefit from the information on this site, please consider making a love offering donation to sponsor my continuing research and development for our good health!

Google Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (11 total ratings)

Dale Winship
5 Star
Dr. Cam is the best! I have been seeing him for over 15 years and he has fixed a multitude of physical problems over that time. He and his self-fixes have alleviated back and knee problems as well as hand problems where I had trigger finger in several fingers on both hands. He is truly devoted to the good health of all his clients. His self-fixes do absolutely work. I do several different self-fix exercises regularly to maintain good overall health. I am looking forward to his "Self-Fixes App" which is do out in early November this year.
Thursday 22nd October 2020
Shane DeJager
5 Star
Dr. Clay is the man!!! I took his quick self fixes class and it was incredible. The knowledge you walk away with will definitely enhance the wellbeing of your clients and yourself. The App is amazing as well. I look forward to taking more classes with him.
Friday 23rd October 2020
Matt Foley
5 Star
I have known Dr. Clay, as a patient of his, for over 20 years. Growing up as an active high school athlete took a toll on my body in terms of wear and tear. My lower back and shoulders, among other parts of my body, can flare up on me, causing everything from twinges of discomfort to excruciating pain. Over time, Dr. Clay has educated me on the significance of muscular imbalances being a source of the pain. Think of the pain itself simply as the body's expression of certain muscles being off kilter. In his chiropractic practice, Dr. Clay identifies and resets the muscles that are the source of the pain. When these muscles become properly strong, relief from the associated pain is on its way! The Quick Self Fixes app brings Dr. Clay's expertise directly to you! Think of it as a mobile office visit. For best results, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL WHO READ THIS to take a deep dive into the subject matter. Along with a friend or a partner, take the time to learn, to understand and to see for yourself how Dr. Clay's Quick Self Fixes work and fit together and help you to make better sense of your body. With practice, practice, practice you will learn how to make your weak muscles strong, any time there is something going on with your body. Explore. Learn. Practice. Fix.
Friday 23rd October 2020
Rebecca Pierce
5 Star
Highly recommend this instructor and his classes! I took his Thai Massage class a few years ago, and it was one of the best classes I've taken to date! Highly informative, organized and practical, his instructions were clear-cut. I liked how he helped me with any questions I had, even offering pointers on varying techniques.
Thursday 22nd October 2020
Tina Naegle
5 Star
Not only is Dr. Clay an absolute genius at what he does, he is also a kind and caring physician. I have scoliosis and was amazed at the improvement and benefit from seeing Dr. Clay regularly and using his quick self fixes. He is a gem you do not want to miss.
Monday 12th October 2020