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Why Choose Our Accident Doctors?

Not all doctors are equipped to handle personal injury cases effectively. While many primary care providers or specialists may not have experience in treating injuries resulting from car accidents, our Accident Doctors exclusively treat personal injury cases. Their expertise in documenting injuries is crucial for building a strong case for your attorney, ensuring you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

What our accident doctors offer

Common Accident Injuries

Car accidents can result in a wide array of injuries, including:

Personal injury medical billing simplified

Healing without the Hassle: Understanding Your Medical Billing Options

After a car accident injury, your focus should be on recovery, not the medical bills. Depending on where you reside and your auto insurance coverage, the way your medical care is paid for can vary. Let’s look at these options to ensure your journey to recovery is as smooth as possible.

Attorney’s Lien

The attorney’s lien stands as the most prevalent method for managing your treatment payments after a car accident. It’s essentially an agreement, not an immediate payment, where your personal injury lawyer and accident doctor agree on postponing payment until your legal case settles.

Letter of Protection (LOP)

Mirroring the attorney’s lien, an LOP safeguards your treatment expenses until case resolution, ensuring you receive necessary care without immediate payment.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP):

In states offering PIP, it’s the first line of billing for accident doctor expenses, covering reasonable treatments up to a set limit. Should PIP funds be depleted, subsequent expenses may fall under an attorney’s lien.

PIP stands out by not only covering you but also any passengers. Your accident doctor can manage all paperwork and direct billing, offering peace of mind and convenience.

No Fault Insurance:

Often interchanged with PIP, no-fault insurance ensures you receive medical attention regardless of who caused the accident. It emphasizes treatment accessibility for you and your passengers without the need for legal representation.

Medical Payments (Med Pay):

A lesser known, but valuable add-on, Med Pay covers medical expenses directly, allowing you to choose your accident doctor and treat accordingly. Like PIP, it offers straightforward coverage without the need for attorney involvement.

Billing the At-Fault Party’s Insurance

A common misconception is that billing the at-fault insurer is straightforward. Reality dictates that only a few states and insurers operate this way, requiring specific laws to be in place.

Third-Party Billing

This refers to direct billing through either PIP or Med Pay, simplifying the process by accident doctors dealing with insurance companies directly.

Our accident doctors make it simple for you.

Your Recovery, Our Priority

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident injury can be overwhelming, especially when worrying about personal injury billing. Accident Doctors’ mission is to make this process as seamless as possible, offering clarity, support, and a path to recovery free from financial worry. Whether it’s through PIP, an attorney’s lien, or Med Pay, our accident doctors are here to ensure you receive the care you need without the added stress of managing bills. Letting you focus on your healing.

The Right Accident Doctor for You

After a car accident, finding the right accident doctor is crucial to your recovery. Our website is your gateway to a network of accident doctors, each specializing in the care you need to get back on your feet. From chiropractors to neurologists, and everything in between, we connect you with professional physicians who treat nothing but car accident injuries.

Our Network of Accident Doctor Specialists

Chiropractors: The Go-To for Soft Tissue Injuries

Specializing in spinal manipulation, chiropractors are experts in treating most soft tissue injuries without surgery or drugs. They’re skilled at reducing inflammation, minimizing scar tissue, and restoring mobility.

 Many chiropractors offer same day appointments and accept various payment methods, including attorney liens, Med Pay, PIP, third-party billing, and medical liens.

Medical Doctors: Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment

Medical doctors bring a whole new approach to your care, offering prescription services and detailed imaging. Their involvement adds credibility to your personal injury case and is often recommended for a well-rounded recovery plan.

Orthopedic Specialists: Expertise in Bone Injuries

For injuries requiring surgical intervention or bone injuries, orthopedic specialists are at the forefront. While some may not accept medical liens, many work with attorney’s liens, Med Pay, or PIP, ensuring you receive the necessary care without immediate financial stress.

Pain Management Physicians: Alleviating Pain, Enhancing Comfort

Specializing in pain relief, including medication and epidural steroid injections, these accident doctors focus on reducing discomfort from inflammation. Their treatments are accessible through various payment options like attorney’s liens, PIP, and Med Pay.

Physical Therapists: Guiding Your Road to Recovery

Physical therapy plays a critical role in pain management and regaining functionality. Our physical therapists assess your condition to create personalized treatment plans aimed at improving movement, reducing pain, and preventing further disability. They typically accept PIP, Med Pay, and attorney liens.

Neurologists: Navigating Neurological Recovery

Accidents can impact your neurological health significantly. Our neurologists are equipped to address issues related to the brain, spinal cord, and nervous systems, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your recovery.

Latest Info

Primary Care and Personal Injury

Many primary care doctors are hesitant to see patients after a car accident due to several reasons. One key factor is the complexity and potential legal implications associated with car accident injuries. These cases often require extensive documentation for legal and insurance purposes, which can be outside the typical scope of primary care.

 Additionally, injuries from car accidents may require specialized treatment that falls under the expertise of accident doctors who are more equipped to handle such acute conditions.

Primary care doctors might also be concerned about the potential for litigation, as treatments and outcomes could become part of legal proceedings related to the accident.

Primary care physicians won’t do third party billing, bill the at fault auto insurance, med pay, pip, or attorney liens. They have a billing structure that is solely for health insurance.

While some primary care providers may treat personal injuries, most are not equipped to document those issues for personal injury cases. Seeking specialized care ensures your case is well-documented and supported by accident doctors who understand the legal process.

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Caleb Eudy
5 Star
I have been to many Chiropractic offices and was delighted to work with this one in particular. The staff here is very nice and compassionate to my injuries and care. Highly recommended is Dr. Eudy to fix me. He is a warm and gentle Doctor and educates his patients. M. Geeter
Monday 22nd April 2019